LJHS Science Patron


         The LJHS Science Departments seeks the support of parents, community members and businesses to continue the outstanding job in teaching students the joy and love of all the sciences. To help do this, the LJHS Science Patron has been instituted.


         For less than the cost of two prime time movie tickets or filling the tank of a car ($20.00), you or your family can be recognized as an LJHS Science Patron. The recognition will be a combination of having a Viking Science Patron Logo with your name posted in a science classroom window. Additionally, the names of all the Science Patrons will be posted through the Science Departments web page. Feel free to donate as an individual or as a family. Show your student’s name or the name of a grandparent. Parents, students and visitors to the campus will be able to see the individuals and families directly supporting the science department. 



         To become a Science Patron simply write a check for $20.00 to LJHS SCIENCE DEPT – SCI PATRON. Send the check to the LJHS Foundation or to any LJHS Science Teacher. If the check does not specify “Science” it will go into the general account and the Science Department will not have direct access to the funds. The money will be deposited in the Science Foundation Account and be used to purchase equipment and supplies to maintain and enhance the science program at La Jolla High School.


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