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Clearance Card Dates
for 2014 Fall Sports

August 4th 9:30am - 11:30am
August 11th 9:00am - 11am
August 18th 11:00am - 1:00pm
*Please bring your second semester report card

Calling All Viking Parents!
Volunteers needed for Registration 2014-2015

Need a Transcript?
E-mail:  Monteen Solberg <>

Students new to the La Jolla Area
Enrollment is by appointment only.
Please call  Mrs. Marta  (858-454-3081x2203)
after August 20, 2014

Faculty Directory

Faculty Membersort icon Department
Allen, Bob Physical Education
Atwell, Tom Social Sciences
Bankert, Nicholas World Languages
Baum, Mike English
Benito, Valerie World Languages
Bertier, Michelle Science
Boggess, William Special Education
Boyd, Robert English
Brammer, Shauna Science
Castro, Conrado Counseling
Cavaiola, Joe Social Sciences
Collins, Sharon English
Conway, Paula Physical Education
Creswell, Laura Mathematics
Davis, Ken Practical Arts
Dill, Kerry Social Sciences
Eaton, Holly Science
Essex, Jim English
Fiedler, Michael VAPA
Fields, Edward Social Sciences
Fox, Daniel Social Sciences
Francis, Mike Physical Education
Frank, Gary Physical Education
Friberg, Zane VAPA
Gans, Janelle Social Sciences
Haffey, Tina Special Education
Hall, Nick English
Henderson, Brenda VAPA
Hom, Karen Social Sciences
Hutchins, Cathy Counseling
James, David Science
Jarvis, Malcolm Special Education
Johnson, Christine Special Education
Jones, David Social Sciences
King, Anne Physical Education
Kinsel, Greg Mathematics
Konopka, Patricia World Languages
LaMar, Ken Special Education
Lawrence, Jack Social Sciences
LeCren, Carole English
Lewis, Russell Mathematics
Lindenblatt, Ryan Mathematics
Lyon, Georgina World Languages
Lyon-Boutelle, Ann VAPA
Mandock, Sheila English
Marcus, Paul VAPA
Marin-Rodriguez, Alma World Languages
Martin, Ken World Languages
Mattio, Jerry Practical Arts
Maycock, Mary English
Medrano, Jane World Languages
Medrano, Susan (Jane) English
Menders, Melanie Mathematics
Morgan, Glenn English
Olson, Matt Mathematics
Palm, Michael Computer Science
Pascua, Xosa Rico Social Sciences
Quesnell, Aaron Science
Salehi, Kristen Counseling
Savoia, Elisa World Languages
Senft, Scott Mathematics
Shamrock, Carol VAPA
Shinn, Gayle Counseling
Teachworth, Martin Science
Tellers, Jerry Social Sciences
Tenenbaum, Howard Science
Tenenbaum, Rachel Science
Thomas, Pat Mathematics
Valentine, Carolyn Special Education
Volger, Greg Computer Science
Vu, Trang Mathematics
Weien, Jewel English
Welsh, Doug Social Sciences
Wheeler, John Special Education
Wills, Jessica Mathematics
Wira, Wendy English
Zagami, Jill Library Media Center
Zink, Emma Mathematics