Achievement Via Individual Determination


AVID is an excellent program designed to help students succeed in school then attend college to become a professional. AVID was developed in San Diego and has spread to 45 different states and 16 countries in Department of Defense schools.


Lessons and information linked to this page are often used with students or in the Write Path or Summer Institutes taught by Martin Teachworth. Much of the information may be found in some form or another in other AVID materials or in other areas of the Teachworth web site. The source of the materials is myriad. Some lessons are taken from AVID materials such as “The Write Path” for Science, some from the AVID Summer Institute Science Strand and others are variations on labs, demonstrations or lessons developed over the years.


Interactive Notebook Information

Construction Methods and Suggestions


Most Recent Pages to Print out and Use by Teachworth (Physics Related)


Scoring Notebooks – One Method That Works


Write Path and General Handouts

Adult Scientific Illiteracy Article

Animal Use Case Study – Donated Article Used with Reading Strategies

Article Archaeologist

Average Child Poem

AVIDize a Lab


Box and Whisker Information

Brain – The Hand Model Explanation


Candle and Tube Demonstration Supplies and Video Link

Cartoon Project

Cinquain – A five-line poem

Committee Review of Lab Procedure (Experimental Design)

Components of Good Procedure Writing

Components of Special Assignments

Cornell Note Taking Information with the DUFAS variation

Costa’s Levels of Questioning with Granny’s House Analogy


Diamante Poem (Diamond Poem)


Energy Scavenger Hunt



Flask Demonstration

Four Square Analogy

Four Corners – Brief Explanation


Gallery Walk

Gemzlocz – Procedure Writing

Giving and Following Directions

Graphic Organizers


Haiku Information

Headless Frog Article

How Does It Float?

How do you score as a lab partner?


Interactive Notebooks


                        General Information

                        Possible Grading Method

                        Most Recent Pages to Print out and Use by Teachworth (Physics Related)


Learning Styles Assessment (handout and types of learners)

Limerick Information


Marzano’s Research and AVID Strategies

Me Map Information


One Pager – Summary of a Reading Assignment

Origami Frog Lab




Penny Lab


Writing Procedures

Box and Whiskers Plot


Philosophical Chair Information and Suggestions

Pre- and Quickwrites


Reading for Significant Statements

Riddles and Science Content

Rope Problem



                        The Number Game

                        Word Games – What are the Rules?

                        Reading Paragraph (with BLANKS)

                        Reading Paragraph (with ANSWERS)


Science Photo Assignment

Science Teacher Book Assignment

STAR Note Taking Strategies


Temple of Knowledge – Graphic and Explanation

Three Hole Bottle

Trip to the Circus


Vocabulary Card Instructions


What is Clinical Research? – Donated Article used with Reading Strategies

Whose Fault Is It? – Intro Poem

WICR – Image of WICR and different modes of each aspect

Write Path Sequence