JCreator assignment #1

Directory "My Documents"

Creating a JCreator Workspace - This only needs to be done once all year!

Starting JCreator - This is what you will do each day!

Creating a JCreator File (Program) in your project - This is how you will do your assignments!

Workspace, Projects and Files - What are these things?

The Workspace holds all your projects. This is something you don't want to mess with.

A project is a group of related files (programs). Create a project for each new section we do.

Files (programs) belong inside projects. These are the individual programs you will do as assignments.

Adding line numbers in your file

*** End of JCreator Directions ***

JCreator Assignment #1

Using the directions above create 2 Java files called Test3.java and Test4.java. Save both of these files in your CS1_2FirstProject project. The output for these two files should be different! Both of these files should be opened together and displayed under CS1_2FirstProject in the File View window. If the File View window is not open go to the View pull down menu and select File View.

When you complete the assignment show me at the computer the following items:

  1. Show me how you compiled your test programs and the different output for each of them.
  2. Show me the directory contents of JCreator LE. This folder should only contain the files called LJHS Workspace.jcw, LJHS Workspace.jcu and the folder CS1_2FirstProject.
  3. The folder CS1_2FirstProject should contain Test.java, Test2.java, Test3.java and Test4.java. Don't worry about other files listed in this folder.
  4. Show me that your files have line numbers displayed to the left of each line.