Flash Rotate - CS6 Pro

  1. Draw a shape with a distinct top and bottom.

  2. From the Modify menu select Convert to Symbol...

  3. Right click on the Layer name (Layer 1) and select Properties... Change the name of the layer.

  4. Select frame 30 in the timeline (in the Layer 1 row), then from the Insert menu select Timeline, then select Keyframe.

  5. Select any frame in the middle of the timeline. From the Insert menu select Classic Tween.

  6. Click on the first frame in the timeline then in the Properties window and click on the arrow next to Tweening. Next to Rotate: select either CW (Clockwise) or CCW (Counter-Clockwise), then indicate the number of times to rotate.

  7. From the Control menu select Rewind then Play to see the movement. If rotation doesn't look smooth reduce the number of times the symbol rotates.

  8. Save to your Flash folder as rotate.fla.
Multiple Rotations - Have car move across the screen with moving wheels

  1. Draw a shape. In this example it will be an outline of a car without it's wheels (use the Pencil tool). Convert it to a symbol and insert a keyframe. Name the layer.

  2. Create a new layer and draw a wheel. Convert to symbol, insert a keyframe. Move wheel into place. Name the layer.

  3. Create another layer for a second wheel. From the library window drag the first wheel into the window for the 3rd layer. This adds a copy of the first wheel. Insert a keyframe. Name the layer.

  4. Select all 3 timelines by holding down the shift key. Move the car and add motion.

  5. Select the 2 layers that have the wheels. Add motion and rotation.

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